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How To Lead? Serve

After Wednesday's snow incident in Atlanta and the subsequent PR-disaster-taking-it-personal-tone-deaf responses (Note: for me it wasn't about their level of fault in the matter, but rather their lack of grace under fire) of the elected and appointed officials I was reminded of the following, leaders are supposed to serve - behind the scenes and in front of the hot lights.

I'm a servant of my family - my kids and my wife. I'm a servant of my community, my daughter's school, my boss and even my coworkers. I do my best to conduct myself with a humility and open hand that I've seen open far many more doors than my closed fist used to.

In 2014, take up the path of being a servant-leader.

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On Getting Married: A Man's Point of View

"I wonder how the groom feels right now...?" asked no one ever at a wedding. These days men are opening up about their marriages like never before. But the actual wedding day is something entirely different and something where I'd argue a man is ultimately more, prop than person in the fantastic day designed and built for brides. A man's point of view on his Big Day is rarely a consideration, but men actually do have a role in the whole experience and the perspective to match. Check out this slick book trailer for Ross Oscar Knight's recent release, In His Moment.

From the author: 
In His Moment is a must read book for men and women before getting married. During a wedding, a groom's thoughts and words can easily surrender to the commotion around him, often going unnoticed. In his first book, Ross Oscar Knight explores the stories behind some of his most memorable images of men. Order your copy here.

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