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Traveling Without The Kids

Now that I'm full swing into this Dad thing, I've become increasingly paranoid when I travel. Besides the obvious drama that goes with traveling (delays, security, more delays), the whole process just makes me anxious.

While traveling to and from New Orleans (minus the kids) with my wife for our July 4th trip (my Father's Day present), I was a complete, but quiet, basket case. The following thoughts raced non-stop through my mind while in the friendly skies...

  • What if we crash?
  • Who's going to take care of them until they're grown?
  • Who would I want to take care of them?
  • How are they going to grow up right without me?
  • How would my parents survive the news?
I have life insurance and other financial products to make sure they're taken care of as far as money goes. I've even contemplated drawing up a will, but this consoles me little in the face of the fear of orphaning my kids. Of course the unthinkable can happen at any time, but being in a long metal tube with wings, thousands of feet in the sky just brings it all home a little bit more than my daily commute on the train.

Thankfully, I landed safely last night. Thankfully, I don't have to worry about this until I travel again.

As a parent (new or old) has this fear ever gripped you?

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