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8/28/08: A Moment In History

I've learned over the last couple of months not to post on Fridays based on the trickle of traffic I typically get on this day. I especially should know not to post on a Friday leading into a major holiday --- Labor Day Weekend --- the official end of the summer and all the impracticalities and luxuries that go along with it --- setting horrific amounts of pork on fire, sitting in traffic for hours in one lane traffic headed to some beach, doing more walking than just hustling home, not having to share the road with hoards of school buses and angry teachers on their commutes.

But I can't let this Friday pass without saying history was made Thursday night the moment Barack Hussein Obama took center stage. Since delving into politics at the age of eight when Jane Byrne ran for Mayor of Chicago, I've grown weary of politicians on both sides of the aisle and the Independents like Nader unfortunately unfortunately haven't done much other than dilute votes. I don't care that Obama, Biden and their respective families may have stood around on stage for a little while looking a bit misdirected while the music shifted from Born in the USA to some kind of Hans Zimmer-ish superhero/epic movie score music. I could care less about his tie and the effect it gave off when televised and I for damn sure wasn't interested in what any talking head had to say afterwards. My father had a critique of his speech --- whatever. He promised a lot. But what politician doesn't? I believe only presidential candidates that don't go overboard with their promises are those who run for student body president. They know very clearly that can't make promises they can't keep, such as no school on Fridays or less homework. But in the end everyone is entitled to their opinion without reprisal (too much, anyway). That's what makes this nation great.

As an African American (and rarely impressed) male I am inspired that this man, Obama, with similar skin and similar opportunity, made it to center stage yesterday and captivated a nation in a moment that will be his and ours (all people) forever. The tears, the elation, the desperate need for hope etched on the faces of so many in the audience proved that. I was touched to see two women in the audience, one black, the other white, embracing and in tears after he spoke.

My first thought after Obama spoke was a disdainful, And I have to go to work tomorrow. But you know what? I do have to go to work. I do have to do everything within my faculties and maybe beyond to put my best foot forward. I do have to do everything it takes to better myself, my family and anyone else whose life I come into contact with and I need to move forward, with my head held high because I can. It's my right, as it is that of every other American.

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