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And Here...We...GO!!!

A race that once seemed a million miles long is now only several inches from being finished. The finish line marks the beginning of a new day where we're all poised to lunge forward into unknown waters, unknown territory, unknown everything. No matter what.

But we're not there yet. I've made a point of saying I steer clear of politics, but this is it! We're in the Endgame and I'm not sure anyone of us breathing right now will witness anything this exciting ever again in the United States of America.

Not that I'm anyone special, but I officially threw my support behind Mr. Barack Hussein Obama a few months ago and have been donating to his campaign ever since. Just in case you don't know who the man is or what his policies are then click this.

Election day is tomorrow. IF YOU ARE REGISTERED TO VOTE, THEN YOU MUST VOTE! Vote to be heard. Vote because, if you're a Black American in this country then it is likely your predecessors dreamed of you being in the very spot that you are --- a witness to history and in the position to aid in its writing. When you vote you become counted, considered, courted, listened to...the list goes on and on. The traditionally disenfranchised traditionally haven't trusted this and as a result don't vote, resulting in remaining --- disenfranchised. Up until this year, this has been the cycle that the status quo has counted on (quite successfully) again and again. This election year can be different. On the local, state and national levels. This year has to be different.

You can make it different.


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