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No Birth of A Nation

While discussing and laughing about McCain's attack ads against Obama, a coworker of mine just asked me in an exasperated tone, "When is this black-white thing gonna end? I mean aren't they tired of it. I know I am. I know we are. It's gonna have to end one day." She's a Panamanian American woman of color and identifies with being black.

Many people who wear my skin have been bouncing around the notion that we've won when Obama wins. Actually all of us regardless of complexion win, if he wins. In our community there have been just as many soft-spoken calls for cool and calm, just like Mr. Obama himself.

For the record, God-willing, should he win, the country will not devolve into the racist caricature portrayed at great length in The Birth of A Nation.

It will simply be a new day. A great day.


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