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I Love Dogs, But...

I hate cats. Even though this is a Daddy/Husband blog, one of my most popular posts (something I like to refer to as the post that won't die) was a little rant I wrote about my profound hatred for my wife's cat entitled, I Hate Cats.

But I do love dogs. They're obedient (most times), they can be trained, they'll go running with you, they can be put to work and actually enjoy it and most importantly, they know their place. If their designated area is their bed at the foot of your bed, that is where they go --- day in, day out, forever.


I have a long haired dachshund who is currently residing with my mother-in-law due to the fact that our apartment (an attic apartment) is too tiny for his energy level and he'd probably break his back the first time he ventured down the steep staircase entrance to the place. At my mother- in-law's he has a buddy in her Shitzu. The two of them have day-long mini-dog wars that keep them from otherwise tearing her apartment to shreds.

Yesterday after working late, I picked up my daughter from her grandmother's to find her being changed. Going to the potty for her has been a very hit or miss exercise in patience and torture (for me anyway). I looked down at the floor to see my dog with his snout pressed deep into a pile of cloths. And he's just licking away to his heart's content. I look closer and see beneath the cloths, my daughter's very poopy Pull-Up is sitting partial open. Horrified, I watch for a second longer just to make sure I'm seeing what I'm seeing.

My eyes rolled backward in my head. I yelled, then flicked him on the top of his head.

My beautiful little, brown dappled dog looks up at me with his hazel eyes as if to say, "What happened?" All while licking his jowls.

Yeah...I love dogs.

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