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Happy Friday: The Close of ObamaWeek

This amazing week is finally coming to a close. Usually the days fly by for me, but each day has been different and unique during this special week of January 2009. One of the fantastic things about personal blogging is you can look back over time and literally read about your own growth and development. By clicking my Barack Obama tag you can see my evolution from mild skeptic to true believer.

Yesterday I broke down watching the above video of President Obama addressing the State Department (I spared you the whole 11+ minutes with the above clip). Watching him there talking, saying nothing other than what he was supposed to say (but oh, so eloquently) as the President of the United States just made ALL OF THIS so very real.

And there's no turning back now.

"Forwards ever, backwards never," as the saying goes in my fraternity.

Happy Friday, y'all. What a wonderful week.

PS - Check out Brookey's Blogspot. Today, I'm blogging about President Barack Obama's charge to all of us.

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