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Nurseman Me

For the past couple weeks my daughter has been battling a head and chest cold. My son however is someone who rarely if ever gets sick and has come under the belief that he's impervious to the elements, germs and viruses. And for the most part that has been the case for the past few years. Apparently the downside of this stroke of luck is that when he finally did get sick (Sunday evening) he went from spry 13 year old to coma patient in a eight short hours. He's probably been awake all of 10 hours since Monday. After getting into work this morning my wife called me to ask how he was doing. I told her his legs were up in the air, but he was breathing. He finally woke up at noon, ate, took a shower, took some medicine and went back to sleep.

To manage the mess, I've been working from home. This has its advantages if there's no kids around. So it hasn't been advantageous at all, not that I'd trade time with my kids for anything else in the world. I've been cooking like my name is Ruthie Mae, cleaning like my name is Bessie Jenkins, and been Rastus, my daughter's personal chauffeur from the living room to her potty in the bathroom. Right now she's in front of the television with her fingers up her nose while I type these words. I've been over the house twice with disinfectant because I am not trying to get sick from these 2 germ receptacles. This is the first time my daughter (who loves to cough all over me) hasn't left me bedridden after she's gotten over some voodoo she usually picks up at daycare.

My head is killing me and if this little girl tells me what to do one more time I'm gonna scream.

I love my yob. I do. I do.

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