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Roland Burris - Victim, Scapegoat or Doofus?

It was impossible to not write about the campaign and election of Barack Obama as our 44th President. No matter how hard I tried. I do try to stay away from politics as it has become quite the circus (maybe it always has been). But...

When I was at Cornell and I mentioned I was from Chicago people always made reference to the crime and the corruption of the Al Capone days. To this day people always say/ask, "Chicago. Bang bang?" I laugh and tell them that was back in the 30's. Well, if you count a handful highly publicized scandals involving some governors, legislators and this guy below, maybe they knew something I didn't.

Why in the world did this poor, old man allow himself to be thrown under the bus like this? He's had a 30-year career of service. Do you think anyone is going to remember him for that now?

My dad is Burris' age and every time I watch him speak I shake my head for his generation. And is that the ghost of Harold Washington sitting next to him at Blago's impeachment trial?

The "Real" Roland should have run the other way when Blago stepped to him. Unless he got a note from the doctor saying he had 30 days to live he could've figured out a way to throw his hat in the ring after they threw that clown out. I don't care what the issues are back home, I don't care about Senator Reid's power plays, the undercurrent of racism everywhere in Chicago and Illinois, the fact that every African American who wanted to be considered for Obama's vacated seat was said to be passed over. Maybe something's wrong with me because I say, "Pass me over!" Who needs the drama? I'm just waiting for the press conference where he strokes out on national television from the stress.

Sorry, but Burris should've NEVER accepted the appointment. Now he's a punching bag for every enemy Blago has ever had on both sides of the aisle. Damn an agenda, he's gonna spend the next two years defending his credibility, or the next 30 days depending on how much public opinion turns against him.

It just ain't right.

Blago's got one hell of a punch. The punch that just won't stop punching.

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