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Ashley Biden Snorts Cocaine

I think I'm a couple days late on this. I've been very busy with the in-laws as of the past 3 days.

I hope something isn't wrong with me when I say I don't care that Ashley Biden, daughter of new V.P. Joe Biden, was allegedly filmed snorting cocaine at a party.

I remember growing up and hearing about all the wild stuff that PKs (preacher's kids) did. I can't speak about mainstream America, but most black people I knew shook their heads and their fingers at the situation and wished the best for the wayward child. No one really spent too much time condemning the parent. Why? I believe most people understood back then that the children of these parents of influence and authority felt they needed to rebel against the overwhelming pressure of being in such a household. No different than any other kid that rebels. Of course, a parent can often overlook a very bad situation in lieu of their own career, but the former just seemed obvious. And just to assure you that this isn't some liberal defense on my part, I thought it was awful that Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol, got dragged through the media. At such a vulnerable and critical time in a young woman's life - embarking on motherhood with the odds against you - no one deserves what she got.

Even as I got older my mother began to say, "I refuse to talk about some other person's child, when I'm not yet sure what my own child is capable of." My mother was telling me right from wrong every second of my life, but that didn't stop me from making an ass of myself when the time came for me to act.

A kid's missteps are just that, missteps (as well as the big ones), not a national argument for hypocrisy on the part of the parent (although the parent(s) would be wise not to pass judgment on other people's children also). I don't believe it's my place, nor anyone else's, to pass judgment.

What do you think?

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