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The Big 2-0-0!

Near the end of September I hit my 100th post. This blog had been up for seven months and I was chugging along wondering why I was doing this.

Outside of the election, November was an abysmal month for me. I lost all of my motivation to do this and posted only a few times. My wife and everyone else who knew I was blogging on the side asked me if I had given up.

Hearing the words "given up" inspired me to rededicate myself. My focus returned slowly. I restyled the pages to look the way they do know and added content, content, content, content.

Today, a 4 full months after I decided to keep going, this is my 200th post.

None of this would be possible without my personal cast of characters who are my muses:
  • My wife a.k.a Big Bad Momma
  • My son a.k.a. Huh Whatever a.k.a. Man-Dork (the dork who thinks he's The Man, but he's really a dork)
  • My daughter a.k.a. Lil' Momma, Daddy's Baby Angel, Daddy's Baby Girl, Daddy's Big Girl, Babygirl, Booboo, and Hell at 3 Feet High and Rising
I thank them and I love them. They are my everything (even when they're driving me crazy - making me wanna holler).

I visit the following place when I need to regroup and take stock of what I have. It reminds me of my value. It drives to be the best husband and father I can be, especially in today's times. It also makes me want to go on vacation.

Come, take a look, if you like.

- Never Miss A Post -

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