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On the War Front: A Huxtable Update

It would be unfair and awful of me to ride my son for the things he currently isn't doing right (or well) if I didn't equip him with the tools to succeed.

First on the list of offensives: That Room --- the place my wife tries not to visit because setting foot in it makes her angry.

But because it's always been the case that Huh Whatever isn't the neatest kid in the world, his rooms in the places where he's lived have never really been treated with the same level of care as say our living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms (I'm speaking for myself here). But if he's going to take pride in his personal space shouldn't I? Or rather, the only way he's going to take pride in his personal space while he's still under my roof is if I take just as much pride in it if not more.

I've reallocated funding toward an emergency room reorganization initiative called RoomReset and purchased a new set of drawers for him along with a new set of clothing hooks for his room. Below are the preliminary results of this initiative.

The next briefing will arrive one Monday from today.

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