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Wrinkle Crackle Wrinkle

Men, growing up, do you remember the 100% white dress shirt?

On Tuesdays and Thursdays my son participates in an after school program that requires him to dress up. This morning I was ironing his white 100% cotton dress shirt and I had a bad feeling. I had to iron it twice because each time I touched it, it wrinkled - badly.

I hate 100% cotton white dress shirts and I hated them even more as a kid. You can put them on first thing in the morning and by the time you walk out of the house you look like you slept in your clothes. In my experience there is only one way around this: a Charles Tyrwhitt Superfine 180 cotton shirt. Think 1000 thread count sheets made into a shirt. It's like wearing air and the wrinkles just fall out as you're wearing it...ahhh. Gotta love the British. Please, excuse my metrosexual moment. Yeah, at the time it was the cost of two months worth of cable. It was for my wedding suit, so it was worth it. In our new economy they've knocked the price down about 40%.

Back to the boy: synthetic no wrinkle fabric all the way, baby!

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