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From Boy To Man

I've grown soft on my son as of late and I'm not sure why. Maybe because I spent his winter and spring breaks with him and had a chance to let him talk to me. He hasn't stopped doing any of the annoying things he does. Despite our efforts, he still isn't performing the way we'd like him to in school. I write more about my daughter here (because as a baby she's got me on my toes), but my son was around long before she arrived (a silly little 5 year old with ears as big as his mother's when we first met) and he was the one who unknowingly taught me the "how" of fatherhood. Along the way, I taught him how to swim (took him for lessons), got him hooked on superheroes, help him with his homework as best I can, keep him in line, and do my best to nurture his dreams --- often by telling him what he isn't doing to attain them.

Other than yesterday's post I don't really have anything to say this week here on this blog. I've been posting furiously since January and the reality is that it's hard to listen when you're talking so much. I need this week to be a quiet one where I listen and hopefully receive some divine guidance on a few things that have been eluding me.

But I won't stop blogging. I'm just going to do so without too many words other than maybe a caption or two. Below are a couple of pics of my boy being my boy. I love him dearly. He is exactly what he is supposed to be: a boy.





Coming home from his favorite: school.

Stay tuned this week for more pics.

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