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Maxwell - Pretty Wings

I figure I'd start the week off on the right foot with a song. Music is such an integral part of my life. It began with nursery rhymes, then church songs, Negro spirituals, songs on the radio, playing piano for 13 years (composing music for one or two years), embracing hip hop and R&B, getting swept up in Chicago House music and Deep House (disco for all of you not in the know), Queen (that's all I have to say), falling in love with jazz after college, and getting into Rock after Iron Man hit the screens last year, and in the midst of it I've LOVED neo-soul --- Jill Scott and 'em.

But this brother right here, Maxwell? Is on a whole ---- novah (voice rising) --- levahl (eyes looking skyward)! Friends, exes, a former boss (oops) and my wife --- I've watched all of them turn into boiling, babbling, moaning, panting sirens as soon as this man starts singing. And if you've been to his concerts (I've been to all of them) it's so much worse. [Side note: Sadly, my wife broke two toes on her left foot last week, but managed to excitedly hop on one foot over to the computer when she heard this song.] I can't hate cause it's always worked to my advantage by the end of the night. And truthfully, he's got it goin' on. Here's a guy, who from all outward appearances, seems to be all about love and romance. If we could all take a page from his book...

This is his new single off of what I can only hope is his God-awfully long to drop follow-up album to his last three joints. There's really no info out there other than this single. Let's hope it's soon! Click here Maxwell - Pretty Wings (Uncut) - Single - Pretty Wings (Uncut) to download it on your iTunes account now.

Happy week, y'all!

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