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This afternoon my baby will be leaving me to go to Chicago on what is developing into her annual summer Chicago escape with my parents.

Unlike last year, I'm not furious.
In fact, I encouraged it. The wife and I had plans to be relocating out of state right now. These plans didn't include my being unemployed and her struggling to find funding for the graduate program she was just accepted to. We are effectively grounded and instead of me feeling like I'm sending my daughter away so she wouldn't be in the way of our moving, I now feel like she's leaving us to do more with my folks (house, yard, her own little garden and her own bedroom - mine - redecorated with Dora the Explorer everywhere the eye can see) than we can do for her ourselves. My son could care less. He's in school-free, xBox Live heaven.

Since my son graduated last week I've lost my appetite, my stomach is in knots and I have an almost daily recurring headache. My nerves of steel are becoming a little soft. A blog post I read the other day stated: Be ye anxious for nothing. I'm not anxious, but I am tired of waiting.

But it could be worse.

My hat is off and my prayers are with those who are in a worse boat than I --- those who have less opportunity to bounce back and more kids to feed than I do.

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