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Slow Down, World!

If you're in NYC, the sky is dark gray, at least fifty or so thunderclaps have already sounded off and it's raining hard. I woke up this morning and took the boy to school. When I got back home I found my wife knocked out (she always oversleeps when it rains) and my dining room under a little bit of water because the window in there was wide open. She got it together and left wearing a pair of light colored pants and sandals in the rain (we'll see how that works), but not before milking me for $20. I thought I was the one who wasn't working?

Anyway, iIt's only 9 am but it feels like a couple hours into evening.

I've always believed rainy days are God's way of telling the world to slow down for a few moments. I'm not including rainstorms that create natural disasters in this description. Everything is what it is, but it has to go just a little slower in order to happen.

If you have a moment, take one to really enjoy that morning coffee or the scene outside your window as you drive or train it to work. Instead of being pisssed that it's cold and rainy, realize that all the pollen that had your car covered with green dust is now making its way down a sewer drain. If a meeting gets canceled or delayed take the time to catch up on something that has been sitting on your desk for entirely too long. There's plenty to do on a rainy day other than the cliche --- sleeping in and making love (not a bad option by any means whatsoever). All you have to do is take the time to figure out what that is.

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