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Makes Me Wanna Holler: Making The Cut

I'm back from my sightseeing visit to Hotlanta --- it was in the high 80s the entire time I was there and most of the folks I met were relieved that it was cool. (...) I got to connect with old friends, briefly hang out in Buckhead, peruse the National Black Arts Festival and catch a really interesting flick called, Jerusalema, oh and of how could I forget...I watched the debut episode of this season's Housewives of Atlanta in a living room with about 20 people yelling at the television. I'm happy to be back in the Belly of The Beast, otherwise known as NYC, but I do miss the view from 23 stories up, through the floor-to-ceiling windows of my room at the W Midtown. Thank God for rewards points.


Imagine my surprise, when I found out just after midnight that I made the cut! I am a finalist for the 2009 Black Weblog Awards!!! The category I landed was Best Parenting and Family Blog.

What happens now?

There are two votes, one by a panel of judges and one by you, the wonderful readers of Makes Me Wanna Holler. Show your love (or basic appreciation) between now and August 31, by casting your vote, here. Since it's the finals, it's a little more involved than the nomination round.

I have to say I'm happy, because I typically don't get selected for doo-doo. But thank you for all the support! It's because of you, that I'm on this list. It is truly a blessing to be recognized this far.

Keep reading and I hope to have some interesting stuff this week to make you smile, make you thirsty, and maybe make you holler.


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