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Dora! All Day Everyday

I was initially warmed by my daughter's love for all things Dora. She talks to Dora, she creates stories around Dora, she draws pretty convincing portraits of Dora, she is even convinced that there is a Dora version of everything, such as rocket ships, houses and computers. She insists that her Dora toothbrush matches the Dora on the toothpaste tube. There are at least 7 Doras that go for a swim with her at bath time. Clearly she is utilizing her big imagination to the fullest. Even on the days when it's a bit much, I'm not going to knock my child for being a child.

Then I saw the following the other day:

I am now convinced that the Church of Dora is secretly recruiting acolytes ages 2 - 8. My jaw dropped when I saw the girl (who was too convincing to merely be a budding actress) in this commercial stating, word for word, things my own daughter says all day long. Even my daughter was silent with awe as she watched with me. When it was over she turned to me and asked, "CAN YOU BUY ME THAT?! THAT WALL OF DORA TOYS AND BOOTS AND DIEGO?!"

"Sure, honey," I answered wearily. First it was my son with Power Rangers, and now this...

What (if any) kiddie obsession does your child have? Do you have to pay for it?

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