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You Are Needy & Dumb: A Site Update

So this is a snippet from an Anonymous (of course) comment I received from my now infamous, I Hate Cats post.

"You are needy and dumb... Go buy a dog or have a child..."

Uhh...well...I do have both. That's actually the point of this blog.

The internet is sometimes a dirty gas station bathroom filled with people who talk nonsense in seclusion in front of a computer screen knowing they'd never have the cohones to say a word to anyone face to face.

I actually HATE the fact that to date, this particular post is the single most popular post that ever came from this blog. For those who actually read past the title they know I was actually expressing my resentment for my wife's holding onto an animal her entire household was allergic to.

Oh well. Despite my repeated efforts to erase this post off my blog my wife insists that I keep it because I wrote it and clearly it made an impact with readers. I still haven't made up my mind if I'm going to kill it or not, but considering that I wrote it over a year ago, the comments are now officially closed. There's also another reason why I want to kill the post.

At the end of last month my wife and a friend of this blog and a friend in the flesh found a new home for Tiger. Letting her go was tough as I fully expected it to be. It had always been my hope that a family member or a friend could keep her, but none could. But I'm very thankful that we were able to find the cat a loving home. I would like to thank each of you who sent me suggestions and ideas regarding finding Tiger a new home.

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