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Tuesday Night Lights

Tuesday Night Lights 1

Last week, after being handed their first defeat all season, my son claimed a W for his last football game of the season. Because the team had been previously undefeated, his coaches lobbied the school for a night game and got it...on a Tuesday. Last night the team won a decisive 28-14 victory and finished the year with a 6-1 record. I shot 115 photos. Half of them were a complete and utter disaster. I'm not even going to bore you how many stupid mistakes I was making with the Canon Rebel XT I was shooting with. I was fussing with it when my son snatched a Hail Mary pass out of the sky and crashed back to Earth in the endzone for his first touchdown of the season. I won't let that happen again.

Finally, I figured out my settings and the other half came out nice. So nice, that I now know I need a better camera. Here are my favorites from my son's Tuesday Night Lights experience.

Tuesday Night Lights 2
In the huddle. My boy (#15) and crew figuring out what to do.

Tuesday Night Lights 3

Tuesday Night Lights 4
The blur is #13, the scoringest running back on the team. I spent the entire season trying to catch him with my camera. Clearly it's not happening.

Tuesday Night Lights 6
Going in for the kill...

Tuesday Night Lights 5
I love this photo. It's so rugged.

Tuesday Night Lights 7
My son's newest and growing fan.

Tuesday Night Lights 8
Standing by while Coach observes.

Tuesday Night Lights 9
The game is coming to a close.

Tuesday Night Lights 10
Good sportsmanship...always necessary.

Back In The Day
My little boy is no little boy...anymore.

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