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As The Drip Drops

Rainy on umbrellaIf you're in NYC or the surrounding areas you were hit by an overnight snow that has now turned to rain. I love rainy days for a variety of reasons. In 1998 I wrote the following poem about a day just like today. It's quite ironic how fitting it is 11 years later...

As The Drip Drops
by Eric Payne

I rush out into the madness,
That soul stirring sadness,
We call the world today,
…and I found it raining.

I maintain a steady beat
To the patter that pitters
Away all the senseless chatter
That scatters the illuminations and dreams
That make men kings,
Over large and small things.
I think back, and I tarry on,
Down the street where the corner’s all wrong,
With its soot and its ashes, everything clashes.
There’s no harmony of green,
Or melody of blue or any other hue
--- for that matter.
The patter simply scatters the soot
Collected there, right there, over there…
By the donut shop, where the coffee’s hot
And nice…most times.

The hiss of the brush of leaves against
The patter is a wonderful beat
To set my stomp, as I romp
Through the playthings of my daydreams
Brought upon the noble saints,
That set pen to ink
Causing the whole world think,
About far off places
Not confined by small men’s spaces.
Freezing moments in time to reflect
On the prospect of respect for self and others.
As the world washes down will we ever discover,
How beautiful this place really could be?
If you’d just be you, and I’d simply be me?

The mute brought on by the hush of the patter,
Soothes the concerns that don’t really matter.
This moment is mine, not soon to shatter,
As I’m blessed by the caress of the pitter patter.

Copyright© 2001, excerpted from i see through eyes. Available everywhere.

Photo Credit: mookio
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