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My Precious Present

My life changed forever on January 14, 2006 at 7:04am. You could say the change wasn't sudden since it began nine or eight months earlier when God plopped my daughter into my wife's belly... (I know this is incredibly inaccurate but if you know how the process works, why belabor it?) But it was sudden because she showed up one month before her prospective due date...

Today my daughter is four and I remember her entrance into this world as if it were yesterday. However I have almost totally blacked out of my consciousness the following:

  • Diapers - disposable undies made of paper for pee and poop. I can't believe I ever touched those things.
  • Formula - at $25 a can (back then) I was overjoyed the day my daughter began eating solid food.
  • Graco Infant Car Seat - it's almost mind boggling that I carried her everywhere in a bassinet. I spent nearly two years carrying around a human being like a woman carries her bag. Don't miss even a second of it.
If I never have to do these things again. It will be too soon. But that's just the guy in me talking. As they say, never say "never."

I've been a witness to many miracles in the lives of others and my own many times over. But the day my daughter was born, I was an eyewitness to God's handiwork and it humbled me like no other experience in my thirty-and change years on this earth.

I know I stated I wasn't going to blog this month, but she is my most precious present and deserves her shine here at the place where she is my inspiration. She is a gift to me for me to share with the world. I strive each day to be up to this task and do it to the best of my ability --- even when I make mistakes.

It's been an honor and a privilege so far.

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