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Go The Distance

Yesterday, I had to travel a considerable distance to visit my orthodontist for my last ever appointment for my year-old straightened teeth. I debated making the trip since I've moved so far away from where I used to live, but it was a mile or so from my old neighborhood in Queens --- where I settled when I first came to NYC. That alone was enough to motivate me to make and keep the appointment.

I was there for all of fifteen minutes. Dr. Mizrahi, a wise master of teeth-straightening, shook my hand, told me my teeth and I look great and sent me on my way with instructions to wear my retainer at nights, a couple of times a week, for the next several years.


Rather than just turn around and go home, I headed out to my old stomping grounds, stopped by the Toyota dealership on Hillside Avenue and Queens Boulevard and picked up some parts that I know how to install myself, which I did on the street. I looked at my little truck, plastered white with salt and exploding with used tissues from my daughter and candy wrappers from my son and decided it was time for a wash.

I took it to the spot I used to go every week. It's the car wash with the animals painted on the side that was featured in the Eddie Murphy movie Coming To America. The one that is down the street from the McDonald's that they dubbed McDowell's in the film.

My car came out spit-shined clean, glowing a radiant red, that I forgot actually existed. It hasn't looked that good in years. It definitely hasn't looked that good coming out of the affordable car washes in the Bronx and Westchester.

After visiting a friend I drove home thinking how happy I was I made that brief stop at the car wash. How I went the distance and got a result better than what I expected.

Go the distance in all things, work, physical fitness, experiences, even love. This can mean both the lengths you're willing to push yourself or even the actual physical distance you need to travel for a quality experience --- be it life, an adventure, an experience, a product, love and or happiness. It's worth it.

Have a great weekend.

Photo Credit: rse75

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