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I’m occasionally emailed or asked the question, “E., so how did you get your site to look the way it does?” This is typically followed with, “I need to launch a site for my business (portfolio, etc.)…who do you use?”

After thanking the person, I’m quick to point out that I own and operate a BLOG, short for web-blog --- static pages with text, some dates and a few pictures thrown around here and there. I am my content/creative/techie person. And I had to tortureteach myself the basics of site design --- a long and painful process I wouldn’t repeat unless paid to do so.

If and when I ever launch a photography site I’d seek out a service that would allow me to design and build a site to my unique tastes. It would have to be easy on the eyes with a strong enough dab of sexy to keep you there awhile and keep you coming back for more. Flash is sexy. Flash that you don’t have to program is even sexier. After visiting Wix.com you’ll learn how anyone can create a free website in 2 minutes time with their drag and drop site building tool. Soon you’ll be wondering why you ever asked my advice.

Whatever your business, from fashion to music to photography to financial consulting. Having an eye-catching web presence is the name of the game. Build your online shop to be as inviting as one you would build in the real world.

Disclosure: This post is a solicitation.

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