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A Man And His Car - A MMWH PSA

Just like the days of old there is a special bond between a man and that which transports him back and forth across hill and dale. Maybe it's the memories generated, maybe it's the thrill of moving through time and space at a speed (within the law and sometimes not) of your choosing. Maybe it's power, without horse, motorcycle, or car, a man can only move at the pace that his body will allow, but with these instruments a man can do as he pleases.

On a beautiful sunny day there is nothing more rewarding that alone time with your car. Your wife or lady friend can stand in the window wondering why you're out front polishing your tires to a spit shine, emptying out the trash that most likely someone else left behind in your chariot, and just playing the radio with the doors open while you rest against it with the sun in your face.

Whether you have a hooptie or an Aston Martin there are very few bonds stronger than the one a man has with his car.

If the weather is nice where you live enjoy the weekend and take some time to enjoy your car.

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