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I Need A Dollar --- A Dollar Is What I Need

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a former colleague of mine from a job prior to my last one. She was let go approximately a year ago. It was eerie listening to what she had to say as her views --- the crumbling optimism, the sharp sarcasm, her embracing the beauty of the simplicity of life, her extreme distaste for the roller coaster ride of anticipation that comes with applying, interviewing and then being rejected again and again, or not even receiving a response at all. Word for word, she sound almost exactly like me. The only difference between she and I is that she is a middle aged Irish woman with kids in college. And I am not.

I stumbled across a song that resonated with me a little while back and is definitely resonating with me now. It's the theme music for the HBO series, How To Make It In America. I Need A Dollar, by Aloe Blacc. He sounds like he's spent a lot of time listening to Bill Withers. Or maybe he's just blessed that way.

Although things aren't as dire as Mr. Blacc paints in his song (Please note: I prefer the clip below to the official video that cuts the song off before it actually finishes), it definitely rings familiar.

To all the unemployed out there doing your best to maintain your spiritual, emotional, financial and physical well being...keep your head up. Don't give up.

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