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How Do You Test A Man?

“The Test of a Man”

The test of man is the fight that he makes.
The grit that he daily shows.
The way that he stands upon his feet.
And takes life’s numerous bumps and blows.

A coward can smile,
When there’s not to fear.
And nothing, his progress bars.
But it takes a man to stand and cheer.
While the other fellow stars.
It isn’t the victory after all,
But, the fight that a brother makes.

A man when driven against the wall,
takes the blows of fate.
With his head held high.
Bleeding, bruised, and pale!!
Is the man who will win, fate defied,
For he isn’t afraid to fail.

-Author Unknown-

What is the 2010, new economy’s Test of A Man?

Must he fight for everything --- out in the street and even inside his home?

And if he isn’t fighting is he any less of a man?

Is he weak for wanting peace (and quiet) even in the face of war?

What makes a man?

His swagger?

The clothes he wears?

The way he answers (or doesn’t answer) questions?

The shoes he wears?

The car he drives?

The fact that he doesn’t care about his shoes or car(s)?

The fact that he does?

How much money he makes?

How much money he doesn’t?

How much he keeps it all to himself?

How well he acts like he doesn’t care?

How sexily he smolders?

How fierce he is when angered?

How he doesn't resort to anger?

How sexy his mind might be?

How he deals with having no one to turn to?

How he acts like it all makes sense even when he knows deep down it doesn’t?

How good he is with his hands, in a fight and on her body?

How well he reigns in his testosterone (or how bad he doesn’t)?

How big that thing is (or isn’t)?

That he’s good in bed?

That he’s good out of bed?

How handy he is with a set of tools?

His ability to pay the right person to get the job done?

How much he loves his mama without being a mama’s boy?

How much he loves you (or not)?

How much he loves his kids?

How he’s planned for the future?

How he lives in the present?

How much he loves (or doesn't love) God?

What man, not in the movies or singing about himself on some song, can abide by all of this without blinking --- without going crazy?

Are these questions any different/newer than any "tests" that have been to men throughout the ages? If given enough thought, this list can go on forever. Add your "tests" in the comments below let's see how long the list can get. I bet when it reaches it’s end 50 -75% will sound just plain silly.

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