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New Sponsor:Randall V Designs | Handmade Earrings

I'd like to introduce our newest sponsor of the blog: Randall V Designs. You can see and click on their add in the right-hand side bar of this blog. As my wife's ears are adorned with handmade earrings nearly 100% of the time, I know this style of jewelry well.

They Are The Natural Choice

Natural elements give handmade earrings beauty that is hard to match. Natural, handmade earrings are also unique--just like you. At Randall V Designs, they don't repeat the same earring designs over and over again. So, the earrings that you select are a true expression of you.

Their website features a variety of handmade earrings: natural stone earrings, laser-cut wood earrings, ceramic Kazuri earrings (Kazuri beads are from Kenya), ivory-like tagua nut earrings (our tagua is from Ecuador) colorful iraca fiber earrings (iraca fiber from Colombia).

Visit them often. They are constantly adding to their collection of natural, handmade earrings so that you can start--or keep adding to--yours.

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