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E.Payne Joins the eBay Parent Panel

I am happy and honored to announce my involvement with the eBay Parent Panel. As an ambassador of this program I will be helping parents --- you --- find extra money with items they already have in their homes – clothes the children have outgrown, tech gadgets and computer accessories, toys and more. I'll do this by showcasing my own experiences as a somewhat seasoned eBay seller looking to broaden and expand my reach as a seller.

Husbands how many times have you heard you wife tell you how much she wishes you would get rid of those things you hold dear? And how many times have you noticed some of those gifts you got for your wife are just sitting around the house are collecting dust? Well now can do both of yourselves a favor by turning those treasured but unused items into cash!

Stay tuned right here for my forthcoming eBay articles and videos...

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