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How To Make "Fun" Money on eBay

Since last month's post on all thing's eBay I've come up with a goal:

To generate a "Fun" Money income stream of $500 via eBay sales.

What do I mean by "Fun" money? That little jolt of extra income that allows you to actually enjoy this life you're living. Money to buy a bicycle. Money to buy a tech toy (or money to save for a couple of months to buy a tech toy). Money for the kids' Christmas gifts. If you think about it. $500 answers a lot of what us parents consider to be desires that fall just out of reach of our routine of paying bills, feeding the family, unforseen emergencies and buying gas for that damn car that is finding ways to break down at all the wrong times.

I digress...

The first thing one does after setting a goal is develop and then hopefully execute a plan of action. My plan was and is to list (promote for sale) $500+ in products on my eBay page and do it in volume so that I am not sitting around waiting, hoping and wishing one or two items make my dreams come true. The latter is what I used to do on eBay and trust me, unless you have the first printing of the Amazing Spider-Man or something similar, it's a pretty safe bet that it's not gonna happen for ya.

So...I listed my products, slowly at first until I developed a rhythm/routine. Then things began to click. I reached my goal of listing $500+ in product and now three days before the end of October I can report I've earned $234.00. Not quite $500, but not too shabby either. I've still got a couple day, who knows? Tune in next month for more details and nuances on how to make earning "Fun" money a viable experience. In the meantime check out the video below on what I've learned so far on what works...

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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