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Happy Thanksgiving from E.Payne!

A few days ago I found the following note on my phone:

Technology left in the hands of a child...

I laughed because it is true. I smiled because at the age of 5 my daughter writes down her very collected thoughts, with near grammatical and spelling perfection, everywhere --- including my phone. I was getting ready to delete the note when I was overcome with joy and satisfaction over life's simple things. Such as, finding this note filled with a child's honest and innocent observation. I was immediately thankful for all of them --- my big one and all his teenage flaws, my little one, and the woman who is their mother. And recharged to be the best that I can be...for them.

No matter what your circumstances were yesterday and will be tomorrow, Today, please spend some quality time with some loved ones or people who could benefit from your care and company.

From my family to yours --- Happy Thanksgiving!

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