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Five Years Ago Today...

As of 4pm today, October 6th, I will have been married for 5 years. I remember the ceremony like it was yesterday. The rhythmic beat of the Atlantic against Barbados' South Coast shore. I can smell the sea water in the air and feel the occasional breeze that came to cool me from the intensity of the sun. Surrounded by friends and family my wife and I were wed. Although we had known each other for years in advance of Our Loving Day (as our daughter calls it) I remember how brand new I felt when the ceremony was over and how alone I felt. I had been a Man, was already a Dad and now I was a Husband with no playbook and very little direction. At weddings the focus will always be on the bride. But the husband is there too --- often contemplating his new life, his new wife and how he's going to be the man of the house, and maybe even licking some wounds. I lost a couple friends along the way to getting married and was caught off guard as to how un-supportive family can be. The trappings of a wedding can overwhelm the point of a wedding --- the two people who desire to become one. But God had me in the palm of His hand and still does to this day. He works on my heart every second of every hour. I am full of praise and thanksgiving. Though I am no where close to being perfect or righteous, I wouldn't be the man I am today were I not married. Being accountable to woman is a true test of a man that statistics show most fail (and vice versa). I'm thankful for her and the kids she has given me.

Photo Courtesy, Ross Oscar Knight Photography copyright 2007.

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