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Black History Month on Pinterest

When I was growing up, Black History was an everyday experience.

Miles Davis
How many times have you heard that before?

Well the truth of it is that I come from artistic DNA. Whether it is food, carpentry, photography, sculpting... the list is actually endless. My point is we show and tell rather than just tell. Notable figures in Black & American History line the walls of my parents' home and my old bedroom. So I saw it and learned it everyday. Not just in February or at school.

Coming into February I wracked my brains over what could I share that was any different or more meaningful for Black History Month here on the blog. Then it dawned on me that I have Pinterest now. Although it was around last year, I wasn't using it then.

For Black History Month and beyond please visit my Black History Board on Pinterest, I'd love your thoughts and feedback. I plan continually updating it so that it is a repository of history that stretches beyond a mere 28 days in February.

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