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Ultimate Commuting: One Driver At a Time

When it comes to conservation of resources I am the pioneer my house. I am Mr. Eco-Friendly. I am the head-recycler the head hyper-miler, and the head of "Who left the lights on?" "Why is this hot water running?" and so on.

As recently as this past Christmas I was trying to bring the house down to one car household after my son was involved in a car accident that left my vehicle totaled and in pieces. I was mentally drooling over the amount of gas we could save and how much we would reduce pollution. My wife shot this idea down with good reason. We have separate commutes and separate lives during the day. It would've never worked, at least not peacefully. After all, we're not in New York City anymore. So I moved on and instead of replacing my SUV with another SUV I purchased a smaller, sleeker, faster and considerably more fuel-efficient vehicle. Although I am thoroughly satisfied with my new car I often wonder what would be like to carpool as I travel alone back-and-forth to work with the exception of dropping my child off to school. Alternatively, I often look at the empty seats that keep me company on my commutes and think to myself, This is such a waste. It would be so cool if I could be in a one-seat vehicle.

Well the folks at Toyota who are paid to think about these things have come up with an amazingly simple solution to my quandary. Check out the video below

Want to learn more about the Toyota i-Road? Click here.

What your thoughts on cost-efficient and environmentally conscious commuting?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Toyota. The opinions and text are all mine.

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