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The End Has Long Since Passed

I've shut this blog down before a couple times and then written a couple of new posts since. It is now June and my last post was in March. Before then December. Before then, I don't remember.

For those of you who have read I hope this blog on fatherhood and my slant on marriage has helped you. It has helped me to grow, mostly by shining a mirror back at me as to who I've been over the years, disconnected from reality, self-righteous, self-serving and scared of an imaginary lion in the road (biblical reference).

Now it's time to walk a new journey. One that doesn't include sharing intimate moments of my life that I don't even understand while I'm writing them, or maybe if I do it will be reserved for a personal journal, where I won't develop delusions of grandeur that I am MORE than WHO I am because I have an audience.

To anyone who reads this and any of the rest of this blog, be warned, always maintain WHO you are over WHAT you do. The content of your character is way more important than anything else that you try to be. And good things will flow from good character. And go with God whenever you are in doubt. He will open your eyes and make all your paths straight. Just ask Him and you will receive.

It's been my pleasure.


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