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I hope I spelled the slang right as I don't want to disrespect anyone from Baltimore. The family and I spent this past weekend in the Maryland, Washington D.C. area and it got off to a very rough start. For reason unknown to even me I was moody beyond belief which impacted the entire weekend and based on my wife's attitude toward me today, probably this week as well. The trip limped along from the very beginning. A 3-hour drive on I-95 became 5 thanks to traffic. A Realtor we were meeting to view property (a hobby of ours) didn't bother to keep our appointments even though we had been speaking with him for about 2 weeks prior. Our hotel room wasn't ready when we got there. Every restaurant at the Inner Harbor (Baltimore's version of the South Street Seaport) had a 2-hour wait including a tapas bar that was empty (think the airport scene in Meet the Parents). Calls to friends of mine in the area went straight to voicemail (they never called back). In an effort to escape the weird, indecisive weather here in NYC we went where there was a torrential downpour on Sunday (meanwhile NYC had one of it's best weekends of the year). To add even more spice to it I caught a flat on I-395. Changing it was easy enough as I've owned cars since 19, however I learned the weight of an SUV's 5th wheel is way heavier than a Honda Civic donut. The last night of the trip was quite nice (we switched hotels to a high rise that overlooked downtown Baltimore) even though my cold takeout from the Cheesecake Factory left me with the runs. In the midst of this my wife walked into a plate glass wall thinking it was a door. The whole trip I believe was summed up in a brunch disaster I experienced the next day when I was victimized by one of "Baltimore's Finest". As active as an imagination as I have, I seriously can't make up this madness. But my kids enjoyed themselves so that's all that mattered.

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