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What the Hell?...4.1

Okay, the week isn't even over and I couldn't make it out. I should add a PARENTAL ADVISORY to this as I probably will curse once or twice before I'm done. This evening after I got off the train I get into my car to go to pick up my baby from the sitter. Driving along I put on my left turn signal and wait at the red light. In the rear view mirror I see a silver, two-door Honda Civic stuffed with four fat Puerto Rican guys, probably late teens or maybe early twenties. As soon as the light turned green the driver honked despite being the fifth car back from the light. When it's my turn at the light to turn, with plenty of space for someone to pass me on the right, the Civic swerves out from behind me passes by with the guy hanging out of his window saying, "Mutha F#$%&, put on your turn signal!" as he sped by. Just like my last run-in with a random nitwit I was nonplussed. I made my left turn and went to pick up my child. But I was curious, was my rear turn signal out? In the past I've found out my lights didn't work when the cops pulled me over. At the sitter's I put on my turn signal again just to be sure. I wasn't surprised when I saw that it worked. I chuckled. Maybe the sun was in this guy's eyes and he didn't see the amber turn signal on my truck. I could see through my rear view mirror that he was very involved in the conversation with his 3 fat friends, so maybe he wasn't paying attention. Or maybe, just maybe, he and his fat-ass friends weighed down that little Civic coupe so close to the ground, he didn't have the ground clearance to actually see my blinker. But here's what stuck in my craw, what in the world gives people the arrogance to believe they can say whatever they want to complete strangers with no repercussions. My windows are tinted, he didn't know who, or what I was, or what I had, and if anyone was in a deathtrap waiting to happen it was him and his fellow pork rinds. I could've been having a bad day despite the weather. I could've just been straight crazy. And I hate to do it, but to quote Biggie, one day that cat is going to cross the wrong person and there'll be "a lot of slow singin' and flower bringin'. Road rage, walk rage, look at you wrong rage, everybody's upset about everything. No one has a shred of patience and apparently, barely any common decency. I mean really, What the Hell? And it's not just my people or people of color in general. I was at Best Buy/Geek Squad this evening paying off the remainder of services needed to repair my fried computer (and get my family off my laptop) and two fights broke out between customers and Geeks (three if you consider that one argument simmered down for about 40 seconds before reigniting). There's no escaping this and there's no making this stuff up. Since becoming a real adult, I rarely subscribe to something being wrong with everyone else before first examining myself, but as of late I'm really believing everyone is on the crazy train, including me for being in the midst of this _________ (insert expletive).

Or maybe, it's this surreal state of affairs we're in as a nation and the macrocosm is wreaking havoc on the microcosms that comprise it. The dollar's worth potatoes; the brain trust at the White House is so laughable it's no longer funny or angering; all that "New Day" crap from the Dems seems to have been just that; our entire nation is in debt up to our eyeballs; New York is overrun with European tourists buying our expensive __________ (insert expletive) as if they were tchokes just as we Americans like to do in the Caribbean; our nation's wealth is owned by less than 5% of the population; education costs are rising, Sallie Mae just reported that soon they may not be able to write student loans anymore (huh?); there are practically more houses in foreclosure than for sale; and gas is frickin' $3.60 a gallon at the pump. I want to say something else in place of Hell --- actually What the ________ (insert F-word). But this isn't the place for that, nor am I trying to give life to words I do my best not to use. But I mean, come on, really? Is this for real?

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