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Batman, Bale, Jesus & Myself

The Dark Knight has done the unimaginable by bringing in $158 mil over the weekend. If I could have just 1% of that my days as a working stiff would end immediately. I was completely satisfied by the movie and now have shifted my more ridiculous daydreams from Iron Man back to Batman.

By Monday, in the midst of all the hoopla, there were allegations that Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne) beat up (assaulted) his mom and sis. It looks like everything has been dropped, but it’s staying in the news despite the fact that there’s no real details and Bale nor his family are talking about it.

Seems like they need Jesus. I sure do. The stuff of my life has become so hectic as of late, I haven’t had the opportunity to write here, but I do want to point out the poll in the right hand column is set to close in 3 days. Don’t forget to vote. And sooner rather than later the posts will return.


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