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Happy Tuesday

Today is one of those days. There must be something in the air almost everyone on the street looks good today, including my wife. She's feeling really good about herself these days and expressing that through clothing that accentuates. I'm not knockin' her. As many a confident man has told me, who wants a woman no one wants to look at? So after enjoying a wonderful walk to work, I get to the front of my building and see doggy-doo smeared on the sidewalk in front of the entrance.


I got a new story published today. It's the continuation of the story I first posted on Spindle Magazine (shout out to my man, Guy). Basically a man meets woman story set in NYC, but definitely not my story (which seems to be playing out here).

My new header looked a lot better last night than it does today, no fault of my designer. I think I may have rushed to get it up. I'm new to this blog design stuff, so back to the drawing board until I get it right.

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