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How To Start A Summer Weekend

Still in vacation-mode and eating out more than I probably should, I woke up this morning dead-tired. Although I walk a lot during my work week as mentioned in an previous post, I haven’t worked out for at least a year. This morning I dragged myself out of my apartment with my speed rope, a bottle of water and my keys in search of the nearest park with some shade (I rock a baldie and don't enjoy the sensation of my head frying).

Jumping rope has never been my strong suit so I was surprised when I was able to jump for nearly five minutes straight. Then I tried to get fancy like the boxers and started whipping myself. But all in all it was a good morning routine to get the blood pumping and the sweat flowing. I followed this up with a few rounds of elevated pushups, some tricep work and crunches.

My wife returned home from the beauty shop with a mohawk (at my suggestion) and made a hearty breakfast for us both.

A great start to a lazy summer Saturday in New York.

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