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Back To School

Okay, so since school has started the subway (which I switched back to riding because I'm cheap) has dragged me to work at a snails pace. Additionally, why do I keep getting on the car with the deranged, self-proclaimed minister who's preaching at the top of their lungs unintelligibly, singing and sometimes dancing? And why are all these fools Black? Praise God for my iPod and in-the-ear headphones!

My son started school on Thursday. He was out of the house on time, apparently cruised through all his classes and made it onto the school's football team after having a conversation with the coach (an old baseball coach of his). This past weekend he told me that's what he wanted to do and he did it. I was overjoyed at his seizing of this opportunity. I came home excited to see his excitement and I got...nothing, zilch. He barely said a word last night, nothing about football and maybe three words about his first day. Other than chasing his sister through the house, he barely had a pulse. I asked if everything was alright and he insisted it was. Given his stark change in demeanor from the day before and despite the great day he had, I'm inclined to believe some little girl he had something with at the end of seventh grade no longer has it for him now that they're in eighth. But I could be wrong.

This morning I woke up and began to get my day going, first, by discovering there was no hot water. In the midst of this, my son walked right past me as he was prepping for the day.

"So, you're not going to say, 'goodmorning'"? I asked.

"Oh, sorry. Hello," was all he had to say before he left. He did manage to say goodbye.

The school year has gotten off to a GREAT start! I'm so excited!

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