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Some Questions That Refuse to Answer Me

  • Based on my subway rides to work, why am I the only person in Black America that knows in-the-ear headphones that go behind the neck go behind the neck?! I've seen more of my people with that extra length of cord (that goes behind your neck) hanging like an extra chin in front of them or those under the chin headphones they wear at the UN. I even saw one man with the cord tied up into a large knot by his ear.
  • Why, no matter whether I leave work at 5 on the dot, or whatever time after that, why am I never settling down in my home until eight o'clock?
  • Why, no matter how prepared I am the night before to go to work, does all hell break loose in the morning to leave me with just enough seconds to sprint to either: the train station or bus stop in my neighborhood? Example: yesterday with nothing to do but walk out the door, the slats beneath my son's bed decided to collapse right out from under him. Last week, after ironing my clothes for the day, the latch on the ironing board broke and I fought with this ancient, stupid contraption for at least 20 minutes before it gave up and folded with a loud metal screech.
  • Why, in less than 2 months, did my staff as well as some very key colleagues of mine quit their jobs where I work? Better question: Why did I encourage them, help them with their resumes and agree to be to be a reference for them?
  • Why, when I asked my boss what plans were in place for me to run my half of her department without a staff did she tell me: "nothing at the moment"?
  • How am I supposed to run an entire half of a department with no employees? And why am I the only person in what's left of my department, concerned about this?
  • Why do women with unquestionably ugly feet wear sandals?
  • Why did I ever agree with my wife to live on the fringes of the city in quasi suburbia so I would hate nearly every second of my commute into Manhattan?
  • Why doesn't my computer at my job have a sound card?! It's 2008?!

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