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Day 1: The War Cry

Before I begin...for those of you out there who watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta...what in the HELL was that episode about last night? There is so much material to rip regarding this show I'd have to dedicate this entire blog to it. I must shamefully admit, however, I find NeNe to be the most entertaining out of the bunch.


Today my quest for happiness began. I came into work with a chip on my shoulder, angered, but empowered by my desire to let no one steal my joy. Ensuring this involved honestly airing out my grievances to the top person on the food chain regarding a petty, but humiliating experience I endured in the office. My words were polite, but harsh in their certainty. And I had no fear or worry in expressing them. I'm not sure what the outcome will be, but I honestly don't care. I got to speak my mind, first. Since it's not wise to blog about work. I'll leave it at that.

The larger point is, why would I not expect my path not to fill up with land mines after I proclaimed to the world that I'm going to reclaim my joy? The second you decide you want better for yourself the only certainty that follows is that all hell breaks loose. This can take a variety of forms - a brazen, unexpected argument with a close friend or relative, the loss of a job, coming to your car and finding your windows shattered. Anything that can come along to steer you off course, keep you stuck at start, pissed off at yourself and the world --- will come along.

Be prepared for it, recognize it and cut it off at the knees before it has a chance to attack you. Or if you're not into violence, simply walk away and allow cooler heads to prevail.

Election day is 6 days away...

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