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Everybody by Fonzworth Bentley

About a month ago, my wife put me on to Fonzworth Bentley's video, Everybody. Styled after the Doo-wop era, Bentley, Kanye West, Andre 3000 and some other dude aspire to "make it" on an Ed Sullivan-type show. Bentley and Dre rap and Kanye sings the hook. The song at best is so-so, but the video is happy almost to the point of being silly. It's very obvious these guys aren't taking themselves seriously --- yes, even my Chi-Town brother, Mr. West.

Since downloading the video on my iPod I've watched it every morning on my way into work and I watch on my way home. It completely takes the edge off and puts a smile on my face. That's the beautiful thing about musicians and the music they make. Their creativity is such that it can touch individuals in various walks of life and can mean so many different things to so many different people at the same time.

That's a beautiful thing.

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