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Happy Holidays!

In this time of economic crisis, joblessness, weird weather, scandal and daily ridiculousness, one might think it's impossible to celebrate anything.

A coworker just asked me, "Are you ready for this depressing holiday?"

"It's not about what's going on out there," I told him while looking out the window. "It's about getting with the ones you love and those who love you and making the most of it."

He agreed and claims he will take my advice.

Whether there's less under the tree than last year or there is no tree at all, pray, eat, drink and be merry. Be well and be loving. Good times come from within and are shared close to home. If you don't have anyone at home then go volunteer on Christmas day at a soup kitchen or a shelter. You'll feel better for it.

Happy Holidays!

Peace be unto to you.


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