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Happy Friday, Y'All!

And so it is Friday once again. After a one-day break from the Internet after an acute case of information overload (it happens), I'd like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous Friday that flows well into the weekend.

A week ago today I was headed home to my uncle's funeral. I was way above the clouds and caught the sun spreading out across the horizon. It put me in complete awe of God's world that I've had the pleasure of living in for a few years.

With the continual recession, the tanking economy, the politics of the Stimulus Package, increasing unemployment, cars rusting away on dealer lots, and seemingly every city and state going to Hell, I have to say my thoughts are hardly on any of this. My head is in the clouds today just as it literally was last week. I'm focused on God, my family and being prospered in mind, body and spirit (and my pocket too).

Happy Friday, y'all!

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