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MMWH Updates: And Where's the Fellas?

Happy Friday! I have a few updates to report:

  • I have a great new picture up for my now infamous I Hate Cats post (cat lovers beware).
  • I have a brand new web badge for you to use on your own blogs and sites. Please use it. It took me almost 5 hours to make it and get it to link back to my site correctly. (Is that desperate enough?)
  • On the sidebar on the far right I have a new Top Commenters section. Shouts out to Yasmin, Ms. Wallace & Brooke for being the top three people giving my blog outspoken love.
  • Shouts out to Damon and Carter for being my male Top Commenters. But this begs a question...MMWH is about being a man, a man in a marriage and a father with two kids...so, fellas, where are you?

Thanks for the love and always it's been a pleasure oversharing for the week. Blog you next Monday.

Have a great (and safe) weekend.

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