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Wednesday's Question of the Week: What Have You Done For "Love"?

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Let me begin by saying I'm man enough to admit my mistakes.

I am perpetually $350 short. No matter how financially sound I strive to be, no matter how many bills I pay, no matter what I do. There is a perpetual $350 hole in my pocket.


Because back in 1999 (maybe 1998 - I try not to remember exactly when) when I was young, dumb and full of c__, as my mother-in-law puts it, I made one of the most outrageous mistakes of my life. I was on the outs with an ex-girlfriend and in an insane attempt (that I still do not understand to this day) to regain her favor and love I bought her a pair of $350 chainmail stilettos to go with an outfit she was wearing to that year's Soul Train awards (without me). And here's the thing: I was the one who told her we needed a break. But she flipped it on me when she broke up with me completely. This trump move on her part deranged me to the point where I would make this serious error in judgment. And believe me I knew as soon as my credit card was swiped I'd never see a penny.

I saw this woman recently at a gathering at a lounge and my wife glistened with pleasure over my initial embarrassment over the awkwardness of being in the same space with the two of them. She proceeded to let her girls in on the joke and told them I've never spent this much on a pair of shoes for her. Well, that's because I learned my lesson. Ha!

[I'm buying her a house when the time is right. No pair of shoes compares to this.]

But I've heard worse tales. An ex of a frat brother of mine bought a cozy little house nearby where his apartment was located. When I asked him about this madness his cool and collected response was, "I didn't tell that girl to buy a house. Whatever she thinks is going to happen, ain't."


From the $350 that haunts me to this day, to not sleeping or eating over some random chick, to standing in the rain in the middle of the night in Manhattan throwing pennies at my wife's bedroom window in a desperate attempt to win her back during our brief breakup --- only for her to open the window to tell me to go home --- I've taken some crazy leaps in the name of love. And I fell flat on my face. Oh well, at least I kept getting up. And although age and time has shortened my tolerance for the foolishness that comes with love, I still believe in romance and will always be an advocate for it.

And you?

This Wednesday's Question of the Week is:

  • What have you done --- crazy, insane, deranged, just straight stupid --- for better, but mostly worse --- for love?

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