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More Randomness: Pajama-Man on the Loose

My son gets up at the crack of dawn each morning to go to school. I get up with him to make sure he's actually getting up, has his school work, eats and doesn't walk out the house looking a complete mess. My father-in-law and I split depositing him at the school where he disappears for a few hours and comes home with half the homework I had at his age. Yesterday was his day to take him.

The pants my son was wearing looked strikingly familiar to a pair of black pajama pants he owns. When I asked him if he was wearing pajamas he said:

"No, these aren't pajamas..."

The rest I didn't hear because I was half awake, it was dark and he mumbles --- especially in the morning.

When my son returned home from school wearing pajamas pants my wife and I were horrified and he again repeated what he said to me that morning.

"These aren't pajamas...I haven't slept in them."

He went on to explain he was wearing basketball shorts beneath them. In his mind this justified him wearing a pair of flimsy-ass pants with one button on the crotch.

Normally, I like to explain what I say to him. This time around I told him, "You don't wear pajamas outside EVER, unless you're on your way to a four year-old's sleepover." And then I told him to go eat his dinner.

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